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South India  Wildlife Sanctuaries

India is blessed with a very rich and varied flora and fauna. The country is known for its diverse geographical features such as topography and climate, which greatly affect the flora and fauna distribution in a region. North and south India greatly differ in their geographical features. While north India has some of the highest mountain ranges in the great Himalayas, the Deccan plateau and the Western and Eastern Ghats are the prominent geographical features of south India. The climate of north and south also differs in a big way, resulting into a different flora and fauna for these regions.

Though most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are located in northern and central part of India, South India is known for some of the finest wildlife and bird sanctuaries of the world. The landscapes of south India are full of lush green sceneries and are known for its natural beauty and charm. Most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in south India are located in scenic destinations. South India also enjoys a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year making a perfect holiday destination for wildlife lovers.

The most famous wildlife sanctuaries in south India are Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary) in Kerala, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. All the above-mentioned sanctuaries are now attained the status of National Parks of India. Periyar and Bandipur wildlife sanctuaries are also two of the Famous Tiger Reserves of India, covered under the Project Tiger Plan. Periyar National Park is world-famous for Asiatic elephants. Watching and photographing elephants at close quarters in the park can be a great and rewarding experience for the wildlife lovers. With thickly wooded hills, plateaus, deep valleys, waterfalls, rivers, marshes and streams, the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary also offers a perfect holiday retreat.

Other important wildlife sanctuaries in south India are the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and the Silent Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka, the Pulicat and Srisailam wildlife sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh and the Annamalai (Indira Gandhi) Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu.

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